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How to Reduce pdf File size | Fast & Easy Ways

how to reduce pdf file size

Sharing a PDF file by email or sending a document online for paperwork can sometimes turn into a nightmare: some files are too large to attach or upload online, while some recipients may not always be able to download documents hosted on services like WeTransfer because of limitations in their business. Therefore you need to reduce pdf file size so you can send pdf file easily. Stay with us because we will explain some easiest method on How to reduce pdf file size in this article.

The large PDF files are, for the most part, from paper documents that have been scanned with unsuitable parameters. If the quality of a scan for an image must be high (300 dpi, or dpi, for pixels per inch), it has no interest for documents that do not include any text. The higher the quality of the scan, the greater the weight of the document.

To avoid being caught off guard, you can still follow certain rules or use third-party tools to reduce the size of your PDFs.Following are some ways which explained how to reduce pdf file size.

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Ways to reduce the pdf file size

1. Choose the right quality before scanning

If you need to scan a multi-page document to send it by email or to load on a site with a limited size, first set up your scanner before scanning. Go for it in your scanner settings (or scan settings), and choose a quality not exceeding 150 dpi (or dpi).

This average value is sufficient for documents containing only text. If, however, the size of the generated file is still too high, scan the document again, gradually reducing the quality.

2. Compress the file using dedicated software

It is possible to drastically reduce the size of a PDF using dedicated software. Free PDF Compressor is a free utility that can reduce the size of your documents in one click. The interface is simplistic, but the result is optimal.

After you download and install the program, open it, and then click Browse to select the PDF file you want to reduce. Natively, Free PDF Compressor saves the compressed file in the same directory as the directory from which the PDF was created by adding the suffix ” .compressed “.
If you want, you can customize the name of the compressed file and its backup directory by clicking Save As.

how to reduce pdf file size

Then choose the compression quality you want. To maintain sufficient quality for both on-screen display and for printing, select “eBook – medium resolution, low quality, 150 dpi images”. This setting, ideal if your file contains only text, should greatly reduce the file size.

3. Use an online service

Last possibility to reduce the size of a PDF file, use an online service. Accessible from any web browser, online PDF compression services are generally very easy to use. A simple drag and drop to load the document on the platform that compresses your file in one click.

However, they must be used with caution. The vast majority indicate that they use an encryption system to protect the sending of your documents, that they do not access the contents of the files and that they delete the files from their servers after a few hours.

This is the case of SmallPDF, a Swiss online service that indicates delete uploaded documents in the hour and relies on a secure connection for sending files. Use of the service is free twice an hour. Beyond that, you will have to subscribe to a professional offer offering unlimited access to all tools.


To use it, access SmallPDF from your web browser, then drag and drop your document into the dedicated window. The service loads the file and then compresses it with the compression ratio applied.

Click Download File to save the compressed file to your hard disk.

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