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How to take a screenshot on your computer

The screenshot is an extremely useful tool to show or save something from our computer screen. In this Guide, we will show you how to take a screenshot on your computer Windows/Mac

They can be useful when you encounter a problem with our computer. I am the first to request a screenshot when you write to me about some glitches you encounter. But the screenshot can also be useful to keep an order number that you have done on the internet or to keep information on a web page.

So let’s see how we can take a screenshot on Windows and Mac.

Take a screenshot on Windows

There are two ways to take a screenshot on Windows.

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The first is to weigh the key: PrtScn. The abbreviation for “print screen” which is usually to the right of the F12 key at the top of our keyboard. By weighing this key, the capture of all our screen will be made.

What if you want to capture only part of the screen? Well, there is a screenshot tool in Windows. Just go find it.

For Windows 7: Click the Start button, then in the search box type: snipping tool. Then click on the Snipping Tool.

For Windows 8: Point your mouse in the lower right corner of the screen, move your mouse up and click Search. Type in the search box: Snipping Tool, and then click Screen Capture Tool.

For Windows 10: Click the Start button and in the search box of the taskbar type: snipping tool, then select Snipping Tool.

In all three cases, a small window will appear allowing you to take a precise screenshot of what you want. Just click on New, then select the area you want to capture.

Once the capture is done, you can annotate, highlight, e-mail, copy and save it so you can send it to anyone.

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Take a screenshot on Mac

For Apple computers, it is rather a combination of keys that allow us to take screenshots.

In case you want to take a screenshot of your entire screen, you must simultaneously weigh on Cmd (or apple), Shift and 3. Your capture will be automatically saved on your desktop.

In case you would like to take a specific part of your screen, you must simultaneously weigh on Cmd, Shift and 4. With your cursor, then select the area you want to capture and release your mouse finger.

capture screen in mac

There you go! You now know how to take a screenshot in no time.

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