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iPhone: how to record a phone conversation

iPhone how to record a phone conversation

You want to record a phone conversation on your iPhone in a professional or personal setting. iOS is full of useful features but does not offer this feature whose access is not as easy as you might think. In this tutorial, we will see how to proceed with one of the best applications of the App Store to record your phone calls.

Your iPhone has a tape recorder and many other features that could be considered trivial for a smartphone. As our mobile devices are able to solve many everyday problems. Only, to record a phone conversation on an iPhone, the task is not so simple.

iPhone how to record a phone conversation

First, iOS does not offer native functionality to do this and goes further by creating locks for third-party applications, which is not the case for Android that offers many free applications to record your phone conversations. There are, however, some on the App Store that does this perfectly, but you will have to spend a few dollars to use them.

How to record a phone conversation on an iPhone?

Before coming here, let’s talk briefly about the legal aspect of the thing. Recording a phone conversation on your iPhone or any other device may be considered an invasion of privacy and is punishable by law unless you notify the other party and obtain their consent. Once this arrangement is made, you can proceed to the registration.

We tried several apps on the App Store and some allow to record conversations very easily on an iPhone. Apple has put restrictions on this feature, the available solutions exploit a circumvention related to tripartite telephone conversations. This is the case of the TapeACall application that uses conference call services to merge and record calls. First, make sure your operator allows the conference call.

  • Start by downloading TapeACall Lite on the App Store
  • To save a call, open the application and press the central registration button
  • Wait a few seconds and press the Add Call button  then look for the contact you want to call in the phonebook to add it to the conversation or simply dial its number
  • Now press the Merge button  to start recording the call itself
  • Once the call is over, hang up and everything is played. The conversation appears in the list of recorded calls


For incoming calls, the process is simple and similar. When you receive a call that you want to save, first open TapeACall and press the central recording button. The incoming call will be put on hold for a few seconds. Press the Merge button as soon as it activates on your screen to create a conference. (tripartite call with your correspondent and the TapeACall registration server) and your phone conversation will be recorded.

Finally, let’s mention that the application is available in the free trial version of 7 days. To enjoy it beyond the trial period, you must buy it in the form of an annual subscription which costs 9.99 dollars.

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